Danielle ‘Cash me outside’ Bregoli is BRUTALLY BEAT UP In New Video!

Remember yesterday when I was bragging about not posting any more stories about the cash me outside girl? Well, that didn’t last long…

In my defense, footage of her getting beat up in the streets should classify as a must watch! I mean, lets not sugar coat this. Most of you clicking on this article are here to watch the train wreck and car crash!

I am putting a monster * on the word *allegedly* simple because it does look like her, but you can’t 100% see her face and there have been no update videos or pictures from the situation.

The internet is pretty certain it is her and sadly, in 2017 even if it isn’t it already got 4 million views on Facebook claiming it is her!

Think about that. Someone just scrolling the feed could see that and just assume she got her ass whooped and move on with their day with no more research. Scary times.

Check out the video below. Do you think it is Danelle or no?