The Smell Of Your Private Part Tells You Something About Your Body! Women Take Note Of This!


The beauty industry offers so many products which promise women to look nice and pretty. According to Trending News Portal, these products aim to instill the importance of beauty in the minds of their consumers. As a result, the natural appearance and body condition of women are being altered and often forgotten.

Sara Gottfried, M.D. shared that these beauty products make female bodies to smell nice. There are chemicals being used on the female genitalia to produce a fresher and nicer smell. However, Gottfried pointed out that the human body especially the private part does not have to smell good all the time. In fact, women should be mindful of the natural smell of their genitalia to track their health conditions. It was found out that the smell of the private part has something to say about a woman’s health condition.

-This smell is often caused by a bacterial infection called “vaginosis”. There is an excessive growth of bacteria in the surrounding area of the female genitalia. The private part may have whit or gray discharge. It is common and is curable by antibiotics.

-This usually comes off after a woman has her period or after having an intimate contact with the men’s semen. This smell does not stay long but if it does, it has to be checked with a doctor. 



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