UPDATE: Chicago Activist Who Saw The Footage Said Kenneka DID Walk Into The Freezer By Herself

Ja’Mal D Green who’s a known Chicago Activist went live on facebook with Andrew Holmes to set the record straight about what really happened to Kenneka Jenkins. Andrew Holmes is also a known Chicago activist and is said to be the spokesperson for the family.

He stated that he saw her enter the elevator, stumbling drunk and walk into the freezer. He said if someone put something in her drink that will show and they are waiting on the results. He pointed out that she was possibly trying to get back up to the 9th floor and she “might of pushed the button, or the button was always pushed already to show lower level”. He went on to say she got off the elevator and went to the stairs that leads back upstairs but she stumbled a bit and turned around to go back the other way and started opening up doors. She went into many doors not staying long he said and it led to her walking into the freezer.

“Basically, kenneka left the lobby and went into the elevator. She then mistakenly pressed the button to the bottom floor which led to the basement. While down there, she was going through doors and various places to find her way back and ended up going into the freezer. The freezer was never on but the guy say when he checked it out it was hot. She sweated very badly. Probably because she panicked and probably went unconscious due to the alcohol or drugs into her system. She passed away in the freezer. Her hair was probably all over the place because she was panic and possibly went delirious.” – Tina Alexander


Watch the full live video for details below.



The original video has been deleted, I will upload it tomorrow back here!

“Activist are here to serve families and people. Andrew has been representing the family since DAY 1. The family can’t speak right now because they are HURTING. Sorry we aren’t the MEDIA who’s going to tell you how THEY want to tell you! Let’s let this family GRIEVE, stop with the negative comments and feedback. We gotta go with the facts and move forward!! We only FOUGHT cuz we thought the same thing EVERYONE thought.” – Ja’Mal D Green

“I thought someone killed her myself.. this has been fishy from the beginning but we have to prepare for the truth. Something blacks folks can’t do but the HOTEL is LIABLE because they did not secure that area, and she did NOT commit suicide. She was only trying to find her way, and it hurts because that could’ve been anyone!” – Ja’Mal D Green

“I just talked to Kennekas sister and mom, and the main thing they needed is closure. This isn’t over, we got more work to do! This hotel will pay, and we have conversations that our community needs to have. Most Importantly, we all have a duty to be ACTIVE in our communities, and start to LOVE each other. This news isn’t the easiest for those who have speculated otherwise but we have to find ways to move FORWARD. #JusticeForKenneka” – Ja’Mal D Green



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