UPDATE: Guy At The Hotel Party Says The Security Guard Was Suspicious, NEW Videos Supports His Claim

New perspective that was there in the hotel says the focused should be moved to the “creepy ass security guard”. Beginning perspectives thought that Kenneka was being raped in front of them however last night videos were being revealed that showed Kenneka was in the room standing up fine and the time periods look like they prove it was after Irene went live. History shows this area was busted for Organ Trafficking and believe that’s what this case may come down to.

I think we ALL may have found a primary suspect IN THIS CASE and may have solved this murder mystery 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 13,000 heads are better than ONE! By going through chats, websites, articles, and all…. ONE scenario seems the most plausible! The video was made at around 1am with Irene does not really help us much. An eyewitness saw Neka in the room at 3:00am and she was laughing and annoyed a little with the same guy trying to hit on her. We know that Neka was at the front desk at around 3:20am (for whatever reason – it was in a security video). Her friends went to look for her for at least 30 to 45 minutes because they could not find her and called her mom at 4am. They didn’t waste any time looking for her or calling her mom which means they may be telling the truth.

There was a “creepy” security guard coming to the room – on and off throughout the night. Once Neka disappeared, they never saw the security guard for the remainder of that night. Also, they claimed that the security footage was edited. It looks like the hotel staff…aka… the security guard did it. They refused to allow them view the footage until a whole 24hrs had passed 🤔. They claimed Neka was no where on the video and refused to allow them to see it, it took another person viewing it to mentioned that she was found at the front desk at 3:20am. They found her in the part of the hotel that the guest would not have known existed and was not in use at the time and it would be plausible for the security guard to know where it is because he has to scout the area. Here are some supporting documents…” – Stephanie Forbes

^^^ Kenneka during the party ^^^



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