Warning Groupies: Usher Allegedly Has Herpes And He Paid A Woman $1 Million After Infecting Her (Receipts!)

Reports allege that 38-year-old singer Usher knowingly spread herpes to at least one unsuspecting woman. A celebrity stylist accused the entertainer of infecting her with the disease during one of their trysts. She brought a lawsuit against the singer, and Radar.com released scans of these court documents.

Before we proceed, a bit of legalese to cover our butts. We cannot substantiate the claims made in the court documents released by Radar.com regarding this case. We caution the reader to remember that everything in this story is stamped with the word “allegedly.”

According to the court documents that Radar.com obtained and released, the lawsuit was brought by one of Usher’s former sexual partners. The pair engaged in sexual activity. The woman, whose name was redacted in the published scans of the court documents, sued Usher for a substantial amount of money, claiming physical, mental, and emotional distress.





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