Prostitute ‘Pretty Hoe’ Pleads Guilty To Sex Trafficking And Beating Underage Victims

Melanie Denae Williams, 23, pleaded guilty to the charge on Monday. The plea deal could see the South L.A woman face up to 15 years in prison.

Williams confessed to authorities that she used her social media accounts to lure two vulnerable females who were underage.

Some victims claim Williams beat, doused them in bleach and threatened to kill them if they tried to leave. 

After being arrested Christmas Eve 2017, she was charged in March this year. 

She has repeatedly boasted about her behavior by posting videos of herself “physically beating and using firearms to threaten young women”, an affidavit states.

One post on Snapchat stated in all caps: “I’m not scared of jail so stop telling me anything about the MF police.”

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