Soulja Boy Gets Totally Disrespectful With Kanye West

Soulja Boy acting whacky and wacked out isn’t unusual. But he’s been so off-kilter in 2019 he recently had to deny he’s on crack.

For SB’s latest trick, he’s coming for the other rapper whose always being accused of being under the influence of chemicals: Kanye West.

“N****s talk about Kanye West… Kanye West?. Yo, the n***a that’s crying about Drake on Twitter every week,” Soulja yelled. “The n***a that came out with Yeezys? N***a I came out with a video game console! Kanye West ain’t never came out with no fucking video game console. He talk about he Walt Disney … then why you ain’t done nothing like that?”

“I’m the reason Kanye act cocky, cause you know why? When I first got on with ‘Crank That Soulja Boy,’ and I was 16-years-old, and I had the No. 1 song in the country, and I went x10 platinum,”Soulja continued. “Kanye West was standing outside my motherfucking van looking like he wanted to meet me, and I didn’t know who the fuck he was. My manager was like ‘hey man, saw hello to Kanye West, he’s JAY-Z’s artist’. I said ‘I don’t give a f***, get out of my face.'”

Will Kanye vs. Soulja be the beef that 2019 deserves?


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